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Eco-Friendly Products You Need In Your Daily Life

September 29 2022 – Denitsa Damyanova

Eco-Friendly Products You Need In Your Daily Life
Eco-Friendly Products You Need In Your Daily Life

As Organic September is coming to an end, we thought to compile a nice little list of helpful resources for you. Or everything eco-friendly you need in your daily life. We’ll keep it brief and to the point.

Let’s start with beauty and self-care because nothing feels better than an all-natural, good-for-you & good-for-the-planet beauty routine.



soda deodorants by Ben&Anna

Sustainability, Vegan and Plastic-Free are the three pillars around which Ben&Anna was built. Today they offer products like shower flakes to make your own shower gel (just how cool is that?!) and natural toothpaste in glass jars. However, it all started with the perfect deodorant. One that has no aluminium, no parabens, and no animal testing. It is made from all natural ingredients and comes in 6 amazing fragrances.


Fair Squared

Fair Squared Natural Cosmetics

Fair Squared have some amazing natural body lotions but what stands out are their intimate care products. The Apricot Intimate Deodorant Cream is a step further when you are looking to treat yourself. Fairtrade, vegan and natural - it checks all the boxes.



Organic cotton pads by organyc

Talking about intimate care, let’s check out what better period products are out there. Being on your period is a sensitive enough time without having to think about all the damage conventional pads and tampons that contain plastic are causing to the planet. Luckily, Organyc is here to help. Their 100% organic cotton period products are “free from plastics, dyes, perfumes, pesticides, phthalates, super absorbent polymers and wood pulp”. You can also order a free box of pads to try them out yourself (mind that it becomes free automatically at checkout).

blonde gone rogue

Organic Cotton funky sweatshirts by blonde gone rogue

Moving onto apparel. As Autumn is now loudly knocking on the door, we cannot continue to ignore the dropping temperatures. More and more we find ourselves wanting to snuggle on the couch with a hot cuppa. At blonde gone rogue we have the perfect organic cotton sweatshirts to keep the blankie away and the spirits high. Check out our funky sweatshirt collection. Made in good working conditions in accordance with the Fair Wear Foundation and from GOTS-certified cotton.

Kib Tea

Kib tea organic tea

Since we already mentioned the hot cuppa, we can’t skip our tea recommendation. Kib Tea offers “herbal teas that are flavour-forward and planet-positive”. If this doesn’t already make you drool maybe you’d like to know that the company grows its herbs with no chemicals or added flavourings and sweeteners. They work with small farms that employ organic methods of growing. The packaging is recyclable, and the tea bag is compostable. Pretty great!


What about some of the team’s personal favourite eco-friendly items? These are perfect substitutes for everyday items that leave a bigger footprint than most of us realise.

Epically Eco

Epically Eco compostable sponges made out of sisal fibre

Epically Eco make biodegradable kitchen sponges that are an excellent substitute to the conventional plastic ones. No more releasing micro plastics into the oceans! No more decomposing on landfills for hundreds of years! Epically Eco’s kitchen sponges are made from sisal fibre and wood pulp. This means they are completely biodegradable. You can throw them in your compost bin or even bury them in your garden. They will disappear within 3 months.

Wild & Stone

Wild & Stone organic cotton store

Wild & Stone have some amazing everyday products worth checking out. From organic hair bands to the most adorable bamboo plates for babies. However, it’s their organic cotton kitchen towels what we have been using ourselves. They come in gorgeous earthy tones, are super soft to the touch and last way longer between washes than conventional kitchen towels. Btw, we discovered them on Peace with the Wild. This is a family-owned marketplace that aims to make plastic-free, eco-friendly living easy and accessible to all. Totally check this one out too!


Live Frankly

Live Frankly ethical blog

If you’d like to learn how to live according to your values, our best recommendation is Live Frankly. With a tagline like “Ethical journalism funded by the good guys” you can guess that they offer invaluable insight into the world of eco-friendly living and sustainable companies. Live Frankly are here to keep you informed about sustainability topics but also offer a helping hand when you want to do better yourself. Check out their article on "How to buy ethical clothing".

Let us know the organic and eco-friendly products you have been using and love. We’d like to try them too!👇


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