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About us

Hi, welcome to our Rogue universe!

We are a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on meeting you at every step of your fashion journey. From getting inspired by beautiful content all the way to finding the perfect outfit that makes you feel glamorous, we are here to chat, advise and offer you the best sustainable clothing out there!

blonde gone rogue started in 2017 with the belief that there is more to fashion that meets the eye. Were we right! We created an ethical and transparent supply chain to prove that, of course, it is possible to treat employees fairly and pay living wages. We found the most sustainable way to create our clothes from up-cycled materials and stuck with it. We have focused on talking to our customers, understanding their needs and providing solutions that meet these needs. That’s why today we put at the heart of everything we do offering high-quality, long-lasting, outstanding designs – so that our customers can feel confident, beautiful and get these wonderful outfit compliments that everyone deserves.

Nice to meet you! Now that you are here, take your time to look around, get lost in our blog or check out our beautiful upcycled womenswear and menswear designs. And of course, don’t forget to get in touch!

Curious to learn more about our mission? Here’s more.