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seamstress working on a sewing machine

The Blonde Chain

Meet the people who made your clothes. Learn how we are becoming a sustainable brand.

Meet the designer

Meet Deni!

She is the Designer and Co-Founder of blonde gone rogue. Deni graduated from Nuova Academia di Belle Arti in Milano and she enjoys nothing more than staying late, working on her designs.

She took this picture with a bunch of end-of-roll materials in a factory. These are materials left from large productions that are about to be thrown away. We purchase these materials to give them a second life and save the resources and hard work put into creating them.

The Production Facility

All our collections are produced in small, independent factories in our founders' hometown - Ruse, Bulgaria. We work closely with the production teams, making sure there is a friendly working environment where everybody is treated with respect. Deni is often in the factory whenever we are in production, ensuring everything goes smoothly and the highest attention to detail is payed to the garments. Meet the team who sewed together the clothes!

The Materials

Since the start our mission is to create beautiful fashion that does not cost the environment. We work heavily on finding sustainable alternatives for our materials. These are some of the fabrics we use in our collections:

Up-cycled textile

Around 80% of our fabrics are up-cycled end-of-roll materials. These are incomplete rolls of fabrics left from other productions that we find abandoned in factories or warehouses in Bulgaria and Italy. There are hundreds, maybe millions of tonnes of fabric being abandoned like this. Creating new clothes from these materials is one of the most sustainable ways to produce new fashion. We practically take materials that are perfectly good, and often of very high-quality, and we give them a second life.


Organic Cotton

Another 15% of our products are made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is much more sustainable and ethical than conventional cotton. Growing cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop in the world. These pesticides are harmful chemicals that poison workers and the soil. Organic cotton is cotton grown naturally, without the usage of these harmful chemicals, thus protecting workers and the land.



A few of our designs are made from cupro. Cupro is a unique fabric also known as vegan silk. Its raw material comes from the cotton plant, however, the fibres used for cupro are too thin and gentle to be used in the production of cotton. That's why they are often thrown away. However, there fibres can be turned into a beautiful fabric. Cupro is so great because it is as soft as silk but breathes like cotton, so perfect for the summer!