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Sustainability Badges

Welcome to our sustainability guarantees page!

Dive into our sustainable fashion universe to learn more about the meaning behind the icons on our product pages.


organic icon


No toxic chemicals have been used when growing the crops from which the fabric was made. By choosing organic materials we are not only protecting the earth and the farmers but are also preserving precious wildlife.



deadstock icon


Sometimes factories end up with lots of excess high-quality materials that they send to the landfill unless someone decides to put them for use. These leftover fabrics and garment accessories are called deadstock. By using deadstock, we are reducing waste and emissions!



happy worker icon

Happy worker

We only work with factories that provide safe and respectful working conditions and pay their workers living wages. We produce our clothes in Ruse, Bulgaria, and aim at being as transparent about our supply chains as possible. You can find more on Our Supply Chain page. 



eco trims icons

Eco trims

These are all the accessories that go on clothes, such as zippers, buttons and seams. We aim to use trims that are made from biodegradable or recycled materials.



compostable packaging icon

Compostable pack

Saying no to plastic mailers! The packaging we use is made from corn and is perfectly suitable for home composting. This means that you can just put it with your food scraps and other natural waste, and it should decompose in 3-6 weeks.



recycled materials icon


We love giving life to old and unwanted items. Many of the things we throw away can be broken down to their main components and transformed into something new - including your clothes! That's how recycled fabrics are preserving precious resources by utilizing what's already out there.



zero waste product

Zero Waste

We call a product zero waste when there are no materials left after the production of the garment - no scraps, no nothing. 



kind to nature product icon

Kind to nature

These are eco-friendly fabrics which aren’t deadstock or organic. They are innovative virgin materials, but they need a lot less resources and chemicals than conventional ones to be made. This means that they are still considered sustainable and good for the planet.



biodegredable product icon


This means that when put in a natural compost, such materials will start to decompose and blend back with the earth. Once put in the right conditions, they just break down and disappear.



low impact product icon

Low impact

Low impact items are ones made from by-product materials. We take excess fabrics and come up with designs that can use them up. This means that we are further reducing our waste and emissions and having as little impact on the environment as possible. 



vegan product icon


No animal derived materials have been used for the production of this garment, nor has any animal testing been conducted in any shape or form.