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What really is slow fashion?

December 26 2021 – Diana Aldescu

What really is slow fashion?
What really is slow fashion?

Hello, hello and welcome back to our blog. If you’ve read our latest article, you’ll for sure love this one. Today we will discuss what slow fashion is, the benefits of it and why you should join. At some points, you’ve probably heard of slow fashion but ever wondered what it means? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in.

What is slow fashion?

What is slow fashion?

You probably guessed it in the name, but slow fashion means taking fashion real slow. Slow fashion is about buying a garment that is well-made and will last you for years. It is an intentional and thoughtful way of buying clothing. Slow fashion is not about following trends as it doesn’t support the easily disposable mentality. But, it supports buying something you really like and that you will actually wear. 

Slow fashion is also about giving your clothes one more chance. Your garment ripped? Why throw it away? Every piece of clothing can be saved, fixed and reused. Slow fashion teaches us to not give up on our clothes so easily. There is no need to throw away your clothes, but, look after them instead! 

History of slow fashion

History of slow fashion

To understand why the slow fashion movement came about, we first need to talk about fast fashion. For years the fashion industry has produced tons of clothes as cheap as possible in as little time as possible. This was due to the consumer demand of keeping up with trends. No one saw anything wrong with this system as clothes were everywhere, accessible for everyone and very cheap. People were also encouraged by fast fashion marketing to always be in trend, on the lookout for the new, hot piece. This led people to believe they can absolutely never wear an “outdated” piece. Wearing a “last season” garment was seen as shameful amongst many people.

Now you can understand why slow fashion was needed. The phrase “slow fashion” became a thing in 2007 as journalist Kate Fletcher spoke up about the fashion industry. She compared the slow fashion movement to the slow food movement. It is about finding a holistic approach and maintaining the right balance. Slow fashion encourages a more environmentally friendly approach to fashion. But, it also encourages a more socially conscious approach as it benefits us, people, too.

Benefits of slow fashion

Benefits of slow fashion

There are many benefits of slow fashion, both for the environment and us. Let’s dive right into them!

1. Reduced consumption

The great thing about slow fashion is that it is a conscious purchase. You buy well, choose well and your clothes will last. Reducing your consumption helps to avoid buying an item and never wearing it. Why buy a shirt that you didn’t like in the first place? Be more selective with your items, buy only timeless, long-lasting garments that you will truly love.

2. Saving money 

Well, the next great thing is you save a lot of money. Although good quality clothes are more expensive, they are far more worth it in the long run. You will save up more money as you’ll buy less and the clothes will actually last you. Imagine all the money you could have saved up on all the clothes you never wore. That’s a real winner!

3. Protect the ocean

Now, this is a great advantage of slow fashion. Long-lasting, high-quality clothing is made from biodegradable and compostable materials. These materials do not release microplastic when washed. Also, eco-friendly brands avoid using plastic for their packaging.

4. Durability

Another great advantage for yourself is slow fashion means your clothes will last. As we mentioned above, slow fashion clothes are made from great fabrics such as organic cotton, making your garment strong. When you buy a slow fashion item expect it to last you for many years.

5. Good working conditions

One social advantage of purchasing clothes from slow fashion brands is that they pay their employers well. No child labour or extreme working conditions for little money here. Only fair pay and rights are protected for the people working.

6. Lower ecological footprint

By reducing our consumption, we are naturally lowering our ecological footprint. By buying better and less we are saving on natural resources such as water.

7. Better peace of mind

Well, not only do you feel good about doing something better for the planet, but also you feel more relaxed. Buying only what you love will prevent having a wardrobe full of unwanted garments. A better style for you and a healthier planet, yey!

How to join the slow fashion movement?

How to join the movement?

Ok, we spoke about what slow fashion is, its benefits and now you want to be part of the movement? Great! Taking the first step requires some effort, but we are here to guide you.

The first step you can try is simply taking care of your clothes. Keep your clothes nice and healthy by checking the care label before ironing or washing.

Another step to take is repairing your clothes. If you have a jumper you love, but it has shrunk, don’t throw it away. There are many ways to unshrink it. A button has fallen out? Grab a needle, some yarn and replace it with a new one. Save your clothes!

A tricky one, but definitely worth it is to create a wardrobe capsule. For this, you need to understand all the clothes you already have and your lifestyle. Your clothes must be as practical and as stylish as they can be. Also, remember, all items have to go together.

With that being said, make a conscious purchase. Try to get out of the habit of impulse buying. Of course, you might see a pair of shoes you like but take a minute to think about it. Ask yourself whether they go with everything else you have in your wardrobe and if you really need them. As well, check the materials of the shoes. Will they last you for many years?

Finally, we recommend you repurpose an item that is no longer useful or you might not like anymore. Check with your friends, they might love to be the owner of your old sweater. Or if your garment is ripped and can no longer be saved, give it a new life. Something to clean around the house with maybe?

The main point is whatever action you take, it is a start. Start slowly and you’ll find yourself soon enough to be an expert in slow fashion. But, if you have any burning questions, reach us at


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