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Top 10 Sustainability Influencers To Follow On Instagram

May 28 2020 – Gergana Damyanova

Top 10 Sustainability Influencers To Follow On Instagram
Top 10 Sustainability Influencers To Follow On Instagram

In our analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on sustainable fashion we concluded that we can expect to emerge out of lockdown as a society that is much more conscious about lifestyle choices. However, intending to lead a more conscious life and actually having a more sustainable lifestyle are two very different things. It's not easy. It requires time and effort. It demands research and abandoning old habits that are, oh, so easy to fall back into.

But not all hope is lost! We have a secret pathway to sustainable living for you ;)

What I have experienced in my own journey and our team has discovered in the journey of our fashion brand is that change is easier (and much more sustainable) if it comes in small doses. That's why we have prepared a list of our 10 favourite instagram influencers that focus on zero waste, sustainable living and ethical brands. Our advice to you: follow them, let them sneak a bit of advice every day in between the content of your friends and soon enough, you'd find that making your lifestyle more conscious is easy and non-disruptive.

So, without further due, here they come - our list of sustainability influencers to follow on Instagram - starting from fashion and our wardrobes and going into zero waste practices for our daily lives.


Carmen from @carmitive


Carmen is a Digital Editor at Harper's Bazaar Germany and describes herself as a sustainability enthusiasts. Her beautifully-curated, minimalist feed is full of natural colours as well as triggers on how we can take what the fashion industry is offering us in terms of sustainability and transform our wardrobes. Carmen recommends sustainable brands on a regular basis, so if you need any guidelines - her instagram feed is a great place to get to know more independent brands!


Daria from @dariaandronescu and Wonder Wardrobe

You're in for a treat with Daria! Being a strong proponent of owning a few items and making the most out of them, she has started Wonder Wardrobe - an online styling course that allows you to visualise a great number of outfits with just a few items. Her philosophy is that taking back control of your wardrobe and introducing the right amount of planning can get you a long way into the sustainable fashion journey. We agree! Her instagram account offers a beautiful selection of outfits as well as recommendations of sustainable brands by topic - details of which you can find on her ethical fashion blog.


Emma from @emsladedmondson

Not only do we absolutely love Emma's colourful style but we really admire her for her series Get Dresses For Work. Over Instagram Live, she meets with ethical brand founders and sustainability influencers. Join their conversations to understand better the journey that brands and individuals need to take in order to be not only living more sustainable lives but to make a living using sustainable practices.   


Venetia from @venetialamanna

Venetia is one of the London's strongest voices when it comes to zero waste and sustainability in our wardrobes. She started the hashtag #oootd - old outfit of the day, to encourage her followers to love their clothes for longer by creating new outfits with old items. Follow her for her take on fast fashion trying to turn sustainable, where to find the best slow fashion brands and get inspiration about what exciting new outfits you can create with the clothes you've had for a couple of years and are a little bored with.


Christiana from @drchristinadean

Christiana is one of our favourite activists for the ethical fashion movement. She does much more than talk about it! Christiana is the Founder and Chair of Redress - a NGO working to cut waste from the fashion industry. Every year Redress runs a competition among young designers across the world to challenge them to design with zero waste! Next to this, Christiana is the founder of The R Collective - a fashion brand aiming at eliminating waste in the industry. Follow Christiana if you are curious about what big brands and the fashion industry as a whole is doing to reduce waste and focus on up-cycling. We certainly are one of the biggest fans of up-cycling fabrics to create new clothes!




While not an individual influencer but a company, we couldn't skip Eco Age from our list. It is one of our favourite 'gets-you-thinking' instagram accounts and I personally find the points they make very powerful. They talk all things conscious living, with a focus on fashion, and ask a lot of critical questions towards their audience - for instance, what are the confusing things about sustainability? While Eco Age won't give you a ton of recommendations on what to do to be sustainable, they would trigger your thoughts on the topic.


Besma from @besmacc

Besma's instagram page is a beautifully curated guide on ethical fashion, sustainable jewellery and cruelty-free cosmetics. She has great tips about how to care for our clothes with less impact and how to change the way we look at our wardrobes in order to advance in our own sustainability journey. 

Kathryn from

going zero waste

Kathryn is quite the force in the sustainable influencer community! She runs one of the biggest conscious accounts with over 150,000 followers. She is not shy to call out companies for their unsustainable practices as well as to celebrate with them when they change them. You can often find her in conversation with big brands about what they are doing to become greener. Next to this, she is the author of 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste, so if you want a LOT of tips on how to improve your environmental impact - maybe the book is something for you!


Wendy from @moralfibresblog

If we step away from our wardrobes for a while - we have a few other spaces in our homes that we can touch in our sustainable journey. Wendy is a big proponent of the zero waste lifestyle and is on a mission to make sustainable living hip, not hippie! Her instagram stories as well as her blog - Moral Fibres, have great content on how to a few small changes in how we do our chores can have a big impact on our footprint. Follow her for tips on how to reduce food waste, clean with natural materials and save energy.


Arti from @forageandsustain

Arti from Forage and Sustain does an incredible job of delivering small bits of extremely useful information about the impact of our lifestyles and the sustainability alternatives out there. I personally enjoy two of her series - "How long until it's gone?" where she points out how long it takes for products to decompose, and "Use this instead of..." where she gives sustainable alternatives to everyday disposable products. 

Small bonus for Bulgarian speakers: @zerowastesofia. I have been following Simona for a couple years now and she gives great tips both on Instagram as well as on her beautifully curated blog. Do not to hesitate to follow her if you are looking for daily inspiration on how to turn your household zero waste - from no chemical cleaning 'recipes', through how to make your own wax food packaging all to way to setting up a small compost on your balcony. Simona has as well lead a great initiative to clean Bulgaria's public water fountains - you can see the results and take part in making free drinking water more accessible here.

Instagram is big, the internet is even bigger. The above is not an exclusive list but a few people we have been lucky enough to come across and have made a strong impression on us with the work they are doing to spread sustainable living. Who are your favourite sustainable influencers? Drop us a note and we'd love to include them in our list!


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