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What kind of t-shirts are in style 2023?

March 18 2023 – Denitsa Damyanova

Young woman wearing a white t-shirt with print and orange jeans standing in front of a purple background.
Young woman wearing a white t-shirt with print and orange jeans standing in front of a purple background.
What is one item of clothing that quite possibly almost everyone in the world has? The good old T-shirt! Despite its simplicity, the T-shirt is a fascinating garment with compelling history. It came around in 19th century and was initially worn as underwear. It wasn’t until the 50s that sex symbols like James Dean and Marlon Brando made it cool to wear on its own.
Say what you will but the T-shirt is a pretty perfect item of clothing. In its essence, it is casual and extremely comfortable. Style it well and it can be chic. Tear it a bit and put a graphic print – it is now punk. You can do everything with a T-shirt and end up in completely different sides of the fashion spectrum. From fast fashion to high fashion.
It is exactly this versatility that keeps the t-shirt as the most popular item of clothing for so many decades now. To put some numbers in the mix, 2 billion t-shirts are sold each year. With that in mind it is safe to say that T-shirts are not going away anytime soon. So, if you are buying new tees this year, what should you be looking for? What kind of t-shirts are in style in 2023? Well, let’s have a look.

What t-shirt designs are popular right now?

There are so many different styles of tees that it could get hard when choosing. Especially for the gamines out there. Our best advice is that if a t-shirt makes you smile, then it is probably the right one. However, we did already compile a list with the hottest t-shirt trends for 2023 so here you go.

T-shirts with strong or provocative statements.

It has never been as easy to share your believes or thoughts as it is today. Social media is the place where everyone can put their two cents in for the world to share or disagree with. Perhaps that’s why tees with strong or even provocative statements are so in trend this year. Something to stir the pot in the real, physical world. Or maybe just make people think or laugh.

Heavyweight cotton T-shirts in bright colours.

Who doesn’t love a tee made from high quality, heavyweight cotton? The type of 90s retro T-shirt. Well, we have great news! These are very much in style in 2023. Just a simple blank t-shirt in a cool bright colour. Made with heavy, vintage-like fabric. Sign us up!

T-shirts with graphic prints

Without a doubt, graphic prints are the reason why t-shirts are so extremely popular. This year is no exception. Go with a cool block print and you cannot go wrong.

T-shirts with minimal prints

Don’t worry if large, bold prints are not your thing. Minimal drawings and cute details are also in this year. If you are looking for something artsy but not too ‘out there’, these tees are great. They can easily be styled in a casual or fancier outfit without looking out of place.
So, once we’ve covered types of trendy t-shirts, what about colours?

What are the hottest t-shirt colors for 2023?

Let’s start with the obvious. When it comes to classics there are two big players. The white t-shirt and the black t-shirts. These are iconic and will always be in style. But there are many other colours and we shouldn’t necessarily limit ourselves with just black and white.
This year the colour that stands out the most is golden yellow. It is a hue that immediately evokes happy feelings. It also looks naturally great on vintage tees that are in style this year as we mentioned. Yellow is a playful and cheeky colour that is also quite bold and attracts the eye instantly. If this is not for you, you can depend on more pastel colours as well. They are more tender but still charismatic. Think pink, blue, green and cream. These are 2023’s best bets.

Where to buy high-quality trendy t-shirts?

With all that covered, what’s left to answer is where to buy cool, high-quality t-shirts. But what is a high-quality t-shirt? Regardless of which brand you go to, there are some essentials you need to know.
The quality of clothes depends on the materials used as well as the manufacturing standards. What this means is that the fabric and all other materials that the garment is made of must be of good quality. But also, the people who made the garment must be thorough and do their job to a high standard. With this in mind, here are some pro tips for identifying high-quality t-shirts.

Always go for cotton. Even better – organic cotton.

Cotton is a natural fibre with some great properties such as softness and breathability. This means that cotton will keep you fresh on hot days when synthetics like polyester will fail you.
Our suggestion is to go for organic. You wouldn’t be able to spot the difference between conventional and organic cotton. However, organic cotton is grown in a more environmentally friendly way, which makes it better quality in our books.

Avoid thin, flimsy fabrics.

You don’t need to necessarily go for heavyweight cotton T-shirts (even if they feel so great!). But by all means, avoid the fabrics that just feel too thin to the touch. The ones that are so see-though. These are not good quality. They will start having little holes In just a few washes and you will end up regretting ever buying them.

Check the seams

Isn’t it annoying when you get a new T-shirt and the seams start getting undone pretty much immediately? This means that the garment wasn’t finished well. While it is not as bad as a poor-quality fabric, it can be pretty annoying. So have a look at the seams before you buy. Is the thread secured or is it starting to come off?

Buy locally

Where possible, buy items of clothing that were made locally. Not only are you supporting your economy or small local business but also clothes made locally tend to be of higher quality. This is because they are produced in smaller numbers, allowing for the makers to spend more time and care on them. The environmental impact of locally made products is also significantly smaller. So, it is a win-win situation.
Finally, when it comes to where to get your high-quality, trendy t-shirts, we have some great options here at blonde gone rogue.
Our T-shirts are made from GOTS organic cotton in fully audited factories that comply to Fair Wear Fondation’s Code of Labour Practices. They come in an awesome selection of colours with playful prints, graphic images or minimal line drawings. Or blank bright tees for those of you who want to keep it simple. You can check our T-shirt collections here.
Hope this was helpful! Let us know in a comment!


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